Important Dates for Season 6 and Beyond

Hello, former Steering Committee member here. While I no longer have time to be a full member of the IACP SC, I still want to see the project and IA succeed and have been helping out the current SC with various logistics pieces during the SC’s current transition period as my time allows. One of the things I spearheaded during my time on the SC was having a concrete and transparent schedule for IACP releases and playtesting for the community to reference and rely on, and I’m hoping that will continue for however long the IACP is able to continue.

Back in January 2021, we posted an article detailing important dates for Season 5 and beyond. We’ve now passed the last date detailed in that article, which means it’s time share the important dates for Season 6 and 7 in 2021 and 2022.

Here are the dates you might want to know about for Season 6 and beyond. You may want to refer back to the original “Let the Past Die” article for a more in-depth look at the general structure for IACP and what things like the Community Vote and Testing and Approved play periods are.


  • July 26th:
    • Season 6 Release date
    • Season 6 Testing Period begins
    • Map Rotation – Coruscant Senate Office rotates out for new (or old) map, TBD
  • August 2nd:
    • Season 6 Playtest League begins (open entry)
  • August 30th:
    • Season 6 Update #1 (Season 6.1 Update)
    • Season 6 Playtest League continues
  • September 27th:
    • Season 6 Update #2 (Season 6.2 Update)
    • Season 6 Playtest League continues
  • October 18th:
    • Season 6 Community Voting opens for 2 weeks
  • November 1st:
    • Season 6 Community Voting closes
  • November 8th
    • Season 6 Community Vote Results are Announced
    • Season 6 Approved Play begins (IACP Online Tournament Dates TBD)
  • November 22nd:
    • New Tournament Map Rotation – Chopper Base Atollon rotates out, new map TBD


  • January 17th:
    • Season 7 Spoilers Begin
  • January 31st:
    • Season 7 Release Date
    • Season 7 Testing Period Begins
  • February 7th:
    • Season 7: Playtest League begins (open entry)
  • March 7th:
    • Season 7 Update #1 (Season 7.1 Update)
  • March 21st:
    • New Tournament Map Rotation – Jabbas Palace rotates out, new map TBD
  • March 28th:
    • Season 7 Update #2 (Season 7.2 Update)
  • April 4th:
    • Season 7 Community Vote Opens for 2 weeks
  • April 18th:
    • Season 7 Community Voting closes
  • April 25th
    • Season 7 Community Vote Results are Announced
    • Season 7 Approved Play begins (IACP Online Tournament Dates TBD)

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