Play Testing League

Hello IACP Community! This is very much a community driven project, and one way we do this, is we ask for community feedback on all new designs we make. There are a couple of ways that this happens. We will put out a survey for people to take with their thoughts and reactions to the cards in the near future. We also listen to any feedback that is given to us on our various platforms (Zion’s Finest Imperial Assault Slack, IACP Discord, IACP Facebook Group).

The other way we get feedback is through our play testing league. We are inviting you to join us in testing out the figures and giving feedback. Of course, you can always do this on your own, but this is a way to get some scheduled games and a community to discuss the cards with after the games. It really helps us to see which figures are winning all their games, or which figures just aren’t making the cut.

To join the league, go to You’ll need an email to create a account if you don’t already have one. You will also need to download Vassal, which is the most common platform used to play Imperial Assault Skirmish online. Watch this Youtube video to learn how to download and use Vassal:

The only requirements to play in the league, other than being familiar with Imperial Assault Skirmish play, is to make sure your list includes at least 1 Season 6 IACP card, so that we can get some play testing data. To get the data, please save a logfile of the Vassal game and post it in our Dropbox We also request that you join our Discord and the Zion’s Finest Slack group in order to communicate about the games.

Thanks again for all the community support, and we hope to able to have another great season of play testing.

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