Season 8 Preview: I’m Stronger Now Because of the Pain

Hello, Rebel scum! Welcome to another Spoiler article for IACP Season 8. Today, we get to take a walk on the Dark Side. You may have noticed a dearth of Imperial Technicians revealed so far. And yes, they will have the fewest Technicians of each faction overall, but they’re not completely absent. On Tuesday, you met the hero of Jedi: Fallen Order. Now it is time to meet the central villain, the tragic Imperial Inquisitor, Second Sister.

I am What Cere Made Me

For those who haven’t played Jedi: Fallen Order, a little background. If you don’t want spoilers for that game, skip the next paragraph.

Trilla Suduri was an innocent padawan when she was captured by the Sith, and tortured into turning against her Jedi master, Cere Junda, who had left her to fend for herself. Upon indoctrination to the Inquisitorius, she took on the mantle of Second Sister. A prodigy of the Force, and whiz with technology (she hacks Cal’s commlink a couple times during the game), Second Sister is our first Force User/Technician, and is also a Hunter to boot, like every other Imperial figure attached to the Inquisitorius.

As the cheapest Force User in the Empire faction, it is our hope that Trilla will find a unique niche in Imperial Force User lists, perhaps supporting Vader or the Grand Inquisitor with her Mastery of the Force, allowing her to redraw cards like Dark Energy and Force Rush.

It’s always fun designing Imperial Assault cards for a video game character like Second Sister or IACP Season 7’s Taron Malicos, because we get to see in close detail exactly how they fight, and translate that onto a Deployment Card. This is why the inclusion of Force Leap – originally printed on Ahsoka Tano – was a no-brainer for Second Sister.

In addition, we really wanted to recreate her Saber Orbit attack, where she throws her spinning lightsaber in circle around herself, hitting any nearby enemy. One red die per attack may not seem like much, but considering Second Sister’s innate surge, and her ability to surge for Pierce 3, you should be able to punch some good damage through with a surrounded Second Sister.

But these aren’t her only unique abilities…

Be Careful with That Thing. It’s Been Through Hell.

Of all of Second Sister’s memorable attack patterns, the one that needed to be her unique Command card was obvious: Force Drain. This is the one where she grabs hold of Cal, and veritably slurps the Force energy out of him, using it to heal herself before tossing him to the ground.

While the damage on this card is mild, it is consistent, and comes with 2 powerful harmful conditions, and possibly a significant Heal to Second Sister if she’s facing a fellow Force User.

Between her Force Leap, Saber Orbit, and this card, Second Sister has no shortage of special actions with which to take advantage of cards like All in a Day’s Work and To the Limit, each of which can be put to good use by Technicians. Speaking of Technicians and Special Actions…

Overriding Safety Protocols

You know that scene, when the tech guy finally finishes souping up his weapon to fire one big blast at the enemy, never mind the danger of operating such a jury-rigged device? That was the feeling we wanted to evoke with this card.

Supercharge sits in a unique place. Since the attack is capped at 4 dice, period, figures with the fewest dice have the most to gain from it. Which makes sense, since many Technicians are support figures with 2-die attacks. Indeed, R2-D2 gains three dice from this card.

Note that this card is a special action to use, meaning it can’t be used alongside Reverse Engineer, spoiled on Monday, but it can be used with All in a Day’s Work to give the figure a Focus and a follow-up action after the attack. I like the thematic of how the card doesn’t work with Tools for the Job, since Supercharge is all about making do with the tools at hand to make a big boom.

That concludes today’s Spoiler article. Keep an eye out tomorrow for another guest article! This one comes courtesy of community member Mark Neilly! He has a few long-awaited cards to spoil, so you won’t want to miss the close of Week 1 of our IACP Season 8 spoilers!

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