Season 8 Preview: Commandos?!? Super!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come once more to take another look at some spoiled cards for IACP Season 8; And I have to say this is one of my favourite articles to date.

Mandalorians. We love them. We hate them. But one thing we can all agree on is that their playstyle in Skirmish has always been unique. Fast-moving gunlines who lob grenades and eagerly say “Yes Disintegrations,” whilst flying over enemy units and blocking terrain. But so far, this has been reserved for a few large characters. It’s time to say hello to the little guys

Mandalorian Supercommandos

Many of us loved Maul’s Mandalore arc in Clone Wars, and while we’ve seen the return of his trusty Darksaber, his minions have yet to make their debut in IACP. This changes today.

With the familiar 7/4 cost and speed of 4, what sets the Supercommandos apart is their trademark Mandalorian ability to spend movement points for different buffs and abilities. We all know how powerful direct damage is in this game, and for the price of 2 movement points Supercommandos can deal damage to 1 figure within 3 spaces equal to the results on a blue die. Not something you’d spam every round,* but definitely something which can win games in a turning point

Additionally, they can spend a movement point to gain a block token. While small at first glance, getting a block token in the first round borderline for free has massive side effects we will see on a card later on.

Gar Saxon

Following the theme of Maul’s Supercommandos**, Gar Saxon rages into IACP with a firey vengeance only succeeded by his Sith commander. But while other mercenaries of his points range tend to focus solely on attacking the opposition, Saxon has a very strong buffing ability, namely giving friendly Mobile figures within a whopping 4 spaces use his Surge abilities! Have you ever found your Jet Troopers over-surging? Well it looks like it’s your locky day…

In trademark Mandalorian fashion, Saxon comes with the ability to get +1block +1evade on defence; But unlike Boba Fett, you’ll have to work for it! He also has Wrist Flamethrower for being able to dish out direct damage in a firey blaze around him, and combined with his Blue Red Yellow attack pool, he’s quit likely to be able to punch above his weight.

But while Personal Combat Shield is cool, and Wrist Flamethrower even more so, why should Saxon have all the fun? As Commander of Maul’s forces, surely he should be aiding his Mandalorian underlings in their quest for glory and victory! Well… We thought the exact same thing.

A 3 point Command Card for a 6 point figure?!? Yup, you read that right. Gar Saxon can not only give his surge abilities to every Mobile figure in 4 spaces, but also give out one of his two abilities to all friendly Mobile units board-wide! In an Imperial Army. Saxon shares with the Empire Mandalore’s fascination with fire and devastation, and in his trademark Scum army, he helps his fellow Mandalorians*** survive more shots through his Personal Combat Shield ability. Between Fuel Upgrade, and the Supercommandos’ native ability to gain block tokens, this can make these Warriors of Mandalore demonstrate the true meaning of ‘Beskar gam!’

Mandalorians, Mandalorians and Mandalorians, oh my! I hope you all enjoy IACP Season 8 before the meta goes up in “Flames,” and we’ll be back tomorrow for even more IACP Goodness.

Happy Playing!

*Looking at you Sabine!
**Yup, these guys represent Maul’s servants in the brief aftermath of the end of the Clone Wars, hence why they are Mercenary figures and not Imperial!
***Are Mandalorians the only Scum mobile figure he can help though?…

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