Imperial Assault at Adepticon 2024

We are proud to announce that IACP will once again be sponsoring Imperial Assault Skirmish events at Adepticon this year, in Schaumburg, Illinois. We are returning to having two tournaments again this year, one on Friday March 22nd for the classic FFG skirmish game without any alterations, and one on Saturday March 23rd for IACP in full glory, allowing all community Approved cards through Season 9.

Both events start at 10am and will be hosted/marshalled by Joey Galeziewski. I want to especially thank Joey for volunteering to support this event once again this year, as it would not have been possible to organize this without knowing he would be there to help out.

Due to limited space at the venue, both events are being capped at 14 players based on past attendance numbers, so make sure you sign up soon! You can sign up for Adeticon and both events here:

For each event, if there are 9 or more players, there will be 4 rounds of Swiss pairings with a 65 minute round limit and a cut to Top 4 playoffs. For 8 players or less, there will be only 3 rounds of Swiss with a more relaxed 75 minute round limit.

This will be the 3rd year in a row that IACP has hosted Imperial Assault Skirmish events at Adepticon, proudly carrying the torch for the game’s presence there ever since the final Worlds Championship Tournament at Adepticon in 2020 had to be cancelled (along with the entire convention) due to COVID. You can check out the coverage of past Adepticon events that IACP has hosted here. In addition to being a great way to pick up some great Imperial Assault prizes, Adepticon is a wonderful way to meet and connect with the larger Imperial Assault community.

The two events will cater to both sides of Imperial Assault’s skirmish game with 2 different formats. On Friday the tournament will be only the cards that FFG printed from the Core Set to Tyrants of Lothal, a celebration of the game as it was before it was cancelled in 2020, including all official errata from the most recent FFG FAQ in 2019. To keep things fresh though, we will use the IACP map rotation which still uses official FFG maps and missions, and for March 2024 the map rotation will be Wasskah Hunting Grounds (Bossk pack), Coruscant Back Alleys (Maul pack), and a 3rd map that we will be announcing at the beginning of March. You can follow the current IACP map rotation here.

Saturday will be a celebration of what the community has done to keep the game going with the IACP format. The game’s top players and content creators have continued to make new content for the skirmish game over the last 4 years, bringing in new characters and ideas and rebalancing old cards that were left unplayable by FFG’s power creep, while keeping the exact same skirmish rules that players came to know and love. If you want to learn more about the IACP project, you can learn all about it here, and find a great guide for getting started here.

Players playing in the IACP event will be expected to use FFG Imperial Assault miniatures when appropriate, and for Deployment cards without a matching Imperial Assault miniature, players should use either the IACP’s printable figure tokens, or designate a reasonably suitable 3rd-party miniature as a substitution (TO’s discretion).

And as in past years, we will be sending a ton of prize support to the event for everyone that attends! Both official FFG tournament kits and high quality custom tournament promos will be given out to all players, with special prizes for those at the top, as well as a custom golden Adepticon medal with the event name and year on it for the winner of each tournament.

In addition to the (huge!) Adepticon Medal, the winner of the IACP tournament on Saturday will receive a set of custom Imperial Assault dice made by Customeeple. Top 4 players at both events will receive a borderless full art Onar Koma Deployment card as well as the acrylic tokens from the official FFG 2017 Tournament kits. Friday’s top 8 players will receive 2 copies of a borderless full art Riot Trooper card, and Saturday’s Top 8 will receive an alternate art IACP Saska. Everyone who participates in the Saturday IACP event will receive a borderless full art Mara Jade card, and participants in both events will all get cards from the two official FFG Quarterly Kits from 2017 as well as official 2019 promo cards.

We hope that those of you that can make it to down to Adepticon in March will do so. And please takes lots of pictures for those of us who can’t go! You can reach out to if you have any questions.

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