Season 9 Spoiler: Notorious Criminals on the Loose. DO NOT APPROACH!

Tatooine has recently had an influx in notorious criminal scum. This public service announcement is to warn the public to avoid these individuals, as they are considered dangerous even when unarmed. Any bounty hunters seeking these individuals should be aware that engaging with them is at their own risk.

Fennec Shand is an extremely talented bounty hunter and assassin who has been employed by various criminal syndicates, including the Hutts. The outsized bounty on her head makes her a likely target for enterprising bounty hunters, but be warned, she also packs a punch worthy of her high bounty. Note that Fennec gives the opponent gains 8 VP total when she is defeated. We tried to balance Fennec’s design so that she feels closer to an 8 point figure even though you can fit her into your army for 5 points. She is an elite sniper and expert marksman. This is represented by her Sharpshooter ability, which also shows she does not need any support being focused while shooting at range. Interesting side note: If a Guardian figure should use “Get Behind Me!” to place themselves less than 5 spaces away from a Fennec attack, Fennec will remain Focused, as she would have gained the condition prior to the card being played. It should also be noted that Fennec is no longer a lone wolf figure. Since her life was saved by Boba Fett, she has transferred her loyalty and skills to his criminal enterprise, which is why she has gained the Guardian trait. This is also great thematically for getting her into lists with Mando since they have worked together in the past.

Fennec is very good at hand to hand combat, and defends well with her 2 white dice making her extremely evasive and likely to dodge an attack. You’ll want to come prepared to deal with this hunter if you decide to risk it for the high bounty. This ability is further represented by her unique command card which shows that taking her down for good is no small task. She is extremely agile and able to grievously injure eager bounty hunters even as she evades their clutches.

The Wookiee Krrsantan has a fearsome reputation gained as a gladiator in the fighting pits. He surgically modified himself to become the ultimate fighter, implanting electrified knuckledusters into his hands, causing tremendous damage and stunning figures who come to close. He also carries a powerful bowcaster, able to hit hard at range. Krrsantan has become known as a tough bounty hunter, working for criminal enterprises such as the Hutt Twins and for the Daimyo Boba Fett here on Tatooine. This ferocious Wookiee is incredibly tough and difficult to kill, becoming even more dangerous once he becomes injured and full of rage.

You may have heard it said that an angry Wookiee will relieve you of your limbs. Krrsantan himself may be the source of this bit of common wisdom, as our sources confirm that when he faced off against some Trandoshans in a cantina, he ended up literally ripping one of their arms off. As a mechanic in the game, we have demonstrated the enormous impact of this sort of brutality by making the Weakened condition persist throughout the entire battle, instead of recovering their strength at the end of an activation. Note that you cannot discard the Weakened condition by using a command card to discard the condition either. The Bleeding condition can still be discarded as normal, however, so remember to have a tourniquet on hand if you plan to face off with the undefeated Wookiee.

You’ve been warned. Approach these notorious scum at your own risk!

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