Executive Order: Changes in the Steering Committee

Like with any project of this scale, changes in leadership will happen from time to time.

During the start of Season 2, Ben Varnum stepped away from the Steering Committee due to time constraints. We thank Ben for all his work with evaluating Season 1 feedback, his development of Season 2 materials and for providing the Committee an experienced voice in project organization. In a future Season, you will likely see changes that were championed by Ben, which will add to his legacy as an acute designer.

Now that Season 2 is running, the Steering Committee have been evaluating what goals we have and how to find other members to help reach those goals. We were fortunate to know one individual who has been a vocal supporter for competitive play and has the desire to guide this project into the future.

Isaac Borno is a host of the BoardWars.EU podcast and a frequent guest of the Zion’s Finest podcast due to his success as a young Skirmish player. He finished in the Top 16 at the 2018 European Championship, was the runner-up of the 2018 United Kingdom National Championship and won 3 Regional Championships in the U.K. during the 2019 Competitive Season. As a member of the Steering Committee, Isaac will be starting IACP podcast to help share the love he has for this game and this project to the world.

Isaac was invited to join the Steering Committee not just due to his credentials within the greater Skirmish community, but also because of the work he put in helping test and promote IACP. As time passes, there will be more openings on the Committee to fill, and the Committee will be reaching out to active members of the Skirmish community that have been actively helping the project like Isaac has been doing. To get started, check out our How to Participate page.

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