Strength in Numbers: Announcing Community Kits for Your Events

The IACP Community Kit has one sole purpose: Building and strengthening the IA Community!

How the Community Kit works, is that any player who owns the game can purchase a kit, and using their collection, hold a “Learn to Play IACP” event, aimed at serving new potential players who may be interested in IA, but don’t know whether they want to buy the actual game yet! The Host can then lend out their models, and any printed IACP cards they wish to bring, to field lists for these new Padawans, teaching them the game over several rounds, and handing out some prizes at the end!

The Kit includes 2 exclusive Alt Art cards (More on that later!) to hand out to each attendee, to stimulate some interest! This kit is very loose; it can be run in a variety of ways! Beginner Tournament, or Learn to Play Casual Event! Experienced players may also use this kit for a regular tournament. With luck, the result of these kits will be the IA community growing slowly but steadily, and we’d love to be able to do it with your help! 

If you are interested in running a Community Event, please register your event with our Play Event calendar or contact us at We’re expecting kits to be produced by the 1st November 2019 and shipped in subsequent days. Any questions or queries are always welcome either through the email or in the comments below. Happy playing!

And keep an eye out! Many more announcements to follow in the coming days…

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