It’s Not My Fault! Error Corrections to Boba’s Season 2 Cards

Last week we announced our tweaks to Season 2, which included changes to the Boba Fett Deployment card and Mandalorian Tactics Command card. Since the announcement, we noticed some errors in these two cards that are now fixed in the current version of the Official Changes and Printable Cards PDF. Please download the latest versions of these documents and replace existing Boba Fett cards with these fixed versions.

For the Boba Fett Deployment card, we fixed an error on the card within the “Wrist Flamethrower” ability. The card now correctly lists that figures suffer 1 <damage>, 1 <strain> and become Weakened. Adding the 1 <damage> to “Wrist Flamethrower” is one of the many tweaks we made to Boba last week.

For Mandalorian Tactics, we unintentionally used wording that may have allowed players using this card to have Boba Fett perform more than one attack without spending actions for those attacks. (We want Boba Fett to be powerful, but not quite that powerful!) The card is now corrected so that the second sentence says “Once during your activation you may spend 2 movement points to perform an attack without spending an action.”

Updated card images are being placed into Vassal and this week. We apologize that you might need to reprint cards for your testing due to our error. We also apologize that these errors are delaying the translation of our cards and documents.

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