Indiscriminate Fire: Season 2 Voters’ Selections for Future Content

This is the final article that summarizes the results of our Season 1 Vote. Previously we’ve discussed the vote results and feedback from our players about Season 2. Today we are looking at the section of the Vote survey that focused on the future: What should the IACP make a priority in future Seasons.

The “Your suggestions for future Season content” question contained several topics, such as “improving Core Set content” and “change Gideon to Focus Rebels only”. We ask this question in order to survey our voters about what kinds of future content they want to see, even if it doesn’t make it in the current Season. Among these topics, voter chose one of the following four choices:

  • Next Season priority
  • Content for a Season after next Season
  • Avoid as Season content
  • No opinion or not important to you

The proceeding question was an open-ended text question that allowed voters to suggest topics that weren’t offered. A table showing the voters’ total selections of suggestions and a listing of these suggestions is at the end of this article.

Because of the delay in finishing Season 2, Season 3 was announced before we set up the Season 2 Community Vote survey. Many of the suggestions that appeared in Season 3 were then chosen in acceptable numbers by the voters — a potential “tail wagging the dog” moment. Instead of addressing those suggestions, below are several suggestions that showed significant interest from our voters that aren’t already in Season 3. If there’s a topic that you’d like to discuss that isn’t addressed here, please feel free to start a conversation with us about it.

Improve Trandoshans & Bossk

With a significant portion of the IA Skirmish Community telling us that they want new Deployment cards, the Steering Committee set our efforts towards meeting that request. The addition of these 4 new cards in Season 3 meant that some other changes had to be removed from Season 3. A Bossk rework was the final casualty of trimming Season 3’s offering to 22 total cards. Given the popularity of this choice, we will make Bossk and the Elite Trandoshan Hunter a priority for Season 4.

Improve Troopers released before Jabba’s Realm

In Season 2, we offered two new Skirmish Upgrades for Trooper deployments. Only one of them — Suppressive Fire — made it to the Season 2 ballot and was approved by voters. The Steering Committee believes there’s more design space that can be utilized to improve non-Unique Trooper units via Skirmish Upgrade. However we wanted to use the extent of Season 3 to re-evaluate all the non-Unique Trooper Deployments and ensure what new improvements we offer improves them in ways that are fresh and matches the flavor of small-squad troops.

Make E-Webs playable in competitive Skirmish

The Committee was surprised to see voters focused in on the E-Web Engineer during this ballot. The Steering Committee has several different ideas about how to make the E-Webs not just playable but enable new gameplay options. We’ve previously discussed dropping the Elite E-Web’s Deployment cost and allowing for some special deployment rules so that the awkward 1×2 figure can actually get into a threatening position on the board. We’ve also discussed creating a way for E-Webs to have an extra “overwatch”-like attack that interrupts an enemy figure’s movement; the trick is making the interrupt not be so intrusive that it slows the game to a crawl as a potential target moves a space & asks if an attack is triggered or not. We’d like to hear your ideas of what would make the E-Web Engineer exciting to play.

Improve Melee characters

After Season 1, the Steering Committee feels like improving melee figures has to be done gradually over time, with fixes to individual Deployment cards and new Command card options. In Season 2, we gave Force User melee figures some new defensive options with the reworked cards “Knowledge and Defense” and “Deflection”. In Season 3, both Brawlers and Guardians — traits with mostly melee figures — will benefit from the rework of the “Parry” Command card. We’re interested to see if the other Guardian Command cards introduced in Season 3 helps melee figures get danger close to their targets without being defeated from afar. We’ll continue to look at melee figures during each Season and try to add more improvements or cards for them.

New Deployments based on Endor (Ewoks, Scout Troopers, etc.)

Season 3 does introduce the Elite Scout Trooper as a new Imperial Deployment card & Yoda as a new Rebel Deployment card. The Steering Committee has done some preliminary work on Ewoks, which include gameplay mechanics built around setting and triggering traps. While thematic, we were concerned it might force too much board control into the game. We’re also trying to balance Ewoks — who will most likely have the Creature trait — when they are included in Merc armies. If you have ideas on how to develop Ewoks, please open a discussion with us.

Create new Deployments from The Mandalorian

Rest assured that a Season featuring characters from this excellent show will occur. This is the way.

Full Results From “Your suggestions for future Season content” Question

Each choice on this question matrix was optional for our voters. Therefore, most of the suggestions do not have a total of 43 votes. The total number of voters who selected at least one of the choices for each suggestion is listed in the right-most column. Many of these suggestions were offered in the Season 1 survey; feel free to compare those results with these.

Suggestion“Next Season priority” votes“Content for Season after Next Season” votes“Avoid as Season content” votes“No opinion or not important to you” votesTotal
Improve Core Set Deployment cards12121732
Improve Core Set Command cards10831132
Improve Melee characters1692532
Improve Force Users111101133
Improve Guardians1692431
Improve Troopers released before Jabba’s Realm18100634
Fix Dengar2681338
Improve Rebel Unique Heroes975930
New Clone Wars Deployments10119434
New Deployments based on Endor (Ewoks, Scout Troopers, etc.)2174234
Improve Massive Vehicles1771631
Make E-Webs playable in competitive Skirmish17101836
Improve Regular deployments to enable more swarm play1179734
Reduce power of Hunters released since Jabba’s Realm5612831
New Deployments for 4-LOM and Zuckuss1483934
Improve Trandoshans & Bossk24121138
Improve Tusken Raiders & Bantha Rider2290536
Improve Spies11114834
Ban Temporary Alliance6214931
Change Gideon to Focus Rebels only1368734
Improve FFG’s nerfed Spectre Cell3417832
Create New Deployments from Rogue One11126433
Create new Deployments from The Mandalorian10156233
Create new Deployments from Episodes 7-971313235
Reduce the power of Focus4117931
Create new Skirmish maps10134633
Create “C” & “D” Scenarios for existing maps10134532

Suggestions Given By Voters That Were Not Listed On Question Matrix

  • Allow “Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Rebellion” to change his deployment card to “Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight” once the player fulfills a personal objective.
  • Yoda Deployment card
  • Double-sided Deployment cards, where players would pay a cost to flip the card mid-game to access different abilities
  • Mandalorian Heavy Trooper (we believe this is the person who helps The Mandalorian escape Nevarro)
  • Admiral Ackbar Deployment card
  • Grand Moff Tarkin Deployment card
  • Garindan Deployment card
  • Blaze of Glory nerf or removal
  • Imperial defense nerf
  • Improve the Elite Nexu
  • Generic Jedi Deployment card
  • Rule change where Massive deployments, when defeated, are not removed from the board and become difficult terrain
  • ISB Infilitrator gains proximity mine mechanic with a special token placed on the board
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is reworked so that he becomes a Force ghost and gives out tokens every round
  • E-Web Engineers gain an “overwatch” ability where they can interrupt to perform an attack if a figure enters a chosen space
  • Skirmish attachments for non-Unique melee figures to buff attacks and/or debuff adjacent targets
  • Improve Spy trait as a counter to Hunter trait

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