Smooth Landing: Official Changes v3.0 and Printable Cards Now Available in English

The two-week discussion period for Season 3 has ended. The IACP Community has a few concerns about Season 3’s materials. However there were no major changes needed to be made to Season 3: All of the cards revealed will be tested! There have been some minor changes in wording on some of the cards. Feel free to revisit the Season 3 Announcement posts for details.

On the IACP Official Documents page, you can download the English versions of the Official Changes v3.0 and Printable Cards v3.0. The IA Skirmish Vassal module has already been updated with Season 3 content. Season 3 and new IACP Approved cards are being sent to developers of some of the army building software. If you are developing a gameplay support project that needs card art from IACP, please contact the Steering Committee and we’ll be happy to work with you.

As you play with the Season 3 content, be sure to fill out the Season 3 Playtest Survey often to let us know what you liked and didn’t like.

Season 3’s Early Areas of Concern

Here’s a few of the concerns that we’ve heard from Community members during the past two weeks. The Steering Committee will be looking for feedback on these potential issues and, if confirmed, will adjust content later this Season.

Yoda: Players are concerned that Yoda is too limited in his powers. They’re finding it difficult to sacrifice one of the typical Rebel supports (Gideon, R2-D2, C-3PO) or find enough room for a Force User squad when using all the supports. His ability to Focus a Force User seems too limited by the range restrictions; his Wisdom ability to remove all Harmful conditions doesn’t seem as useful of an ability at the start of Yoda’s activation. We’ll be watching to see if playtesting confirms these suspicions.

Zuckuss & Dengar: There is a little concern that with the introduction of Zuckuss and the rework of Dengar, the Mercenary faction may be able to deal out an oppressive level of Stun conditions. The Steering Committee will be watching to make sure these figures do not cause negative play experiences.

Guardian Command cards: Some members of our community are a bit underwhelmed by Soften the Blow, which is designed to be an “apex” Guardian card. Other members of the community are concerned making Soften the Blow stronger might cause too big of shift towards defensive play. The Committee will be watching usage of this card closely; if it is determined that improvements should be made, we’ll do our best to balance those changes.

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