Field Tactics: Updates to the Steering Committee

The IA Continuity Project would be nothing without its community. Many volunteer their time and energy by participating in ongoing discussions, providing translation materials and submitting testing results. As the IACP is expanding into regulating skirmish organized play events after FFG’s last event at Adepticon 2020, the Steering Committee has expanded with some amazing new members:

  • Jesse Betz – US-based tournament organizer, 2020 Denver CO Regional winner
  • Oliver Dewhurst – UK Regional Champion in 2018 & 2019, studied Wargaming at the University of Cranfield, Chewbacca enthusiast
  • Derek Martens – 2019 Winnipeg Canada Regional winner
  • Noa Pestana – Owner of the IA Command YouTube channel, 2018 Redmond WA Regional winner

While we are thrilled with our new members, we also want to acknowledge the following Steering Committee members who can no longer participate in the project:

  • Kenny Brown – Kenny was an early champion of IACP, seeing that the game needed a collection of players manage balance changes & organized play. Kenny utilized his podcast to promote IACP, which helped us gather more members of the community who want to keep playing IA Skirmish. With his blessing, IACP has and will continue to use assets from his Zion’s Finest podcast and community, which helps IACP organize playtests, online play and online discussion.
  • Brett Kelly – Getting the 2019 World Champion on board with the IACP gave us significant legitimacy in the eyes of the community. Brett was instrumental in implementing changes to On the Lam & Assassinate, which helped set a foundation for improvements for other cards. Brett also was the principal designer for the Diala Passil Elite Deployment card, which was celebrated as a new and exciting addition to the game.
  • Daniel Taylor – The involvement of the 3-time World Champion gave the project significant legitimacy from the start. While on the committee, his competitive sensibilities helped guide many of our successful card designs, ensuring that deployments got closer to the existing power curve and that designs could utilize new mechanics. He was the principal designer for our Boba Fett rework, which while still in testing, significantly improves a figure that has been long ignored in IA.

Thanks to Kenny, Brett and DT for everything they’ve done for IACP and IA. Your passion for the game and engagement with the community helped make Imperial Assault skirmish a hidden gem within the competitive gaming community. The IACP hopes to emulate your success in the future.

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