Altering the Deal: Confirming the new IACP Regional March 29th

As many of you have likely heard, Adepticon 2020 has been cancelled, resulting in both IA World’s and the IACP Regional Championships to be cancelled at that event.

However, there is yet hope! While the final Imperial Assault World Championships has been at least delayed, the IACP Regional will STILL BE RUN

We are dedicated to bring you this Tournament regardless of Adepticon or any international virus, while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Therefore, the IACP Adepticon Regional Championships 2020 will instead be run on Vassal on Sunday the 29th of March, just like the original event. This event will be TOed by myself, Isaac, where anyone can come in and play! Start time will be 9 am Central Daylight Time, which is later than the Adepticon Regional was scheduled to start, but as we don’t have a hard closing time anymore, we will now be able to give everyone a few more hours of sleep before the event starts. This also will make it a little easier for European players to attend.

Entry to the Tournament will be $25. This price includes each prize won by you to be shipped directly to your address. We will be changing some prizes, but will mainly use the one we have already gathered for Adepticon:

Participation – Alt Art Diala Passil and Royal Guard IACP cards
Top 8 – Alt Art General Weiss IACP card (Subject to player numbers)
Top 4 – Dice Tray including the full artwork of a grand battle between Diala and our favorite Red-Robed Imperials
Winner – Glass Trophy

Regardless where you live, and whether you win only the participation prizes or everything, we will send you your prizes once they have all been gathered (The tokens which were supposed to be used for Top 8 are no longer obtainable, so we will be likely commissioning a new General Weiss artwork to use for the Top 8 prize)

To register for the event, please send us an email at to confirm your interest, and if you haven’t already, request to join the Zion’s Finest slack channel, where the majority of coordination will take place. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

We hope to see you there, and look forwards to a great day of IACP fun!

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