Season 3 Competitive Rundown: Imperials

We wanted to share some list ideas to get your creative juices flowing for competitive IACP play. The Imperial Army seems to be a faction ripe for creativity and interesting new lists outside of running Darth Vader around the board and murdering your enemies (that’s always competitive too!) Here are some examples of different Imperial lists that draw on some cool IACP figures.

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Boba Fett is well known for his willingness to work for the Empire. I thought it would be a lot of fun to pair him up with some other vehicles and Imperial Hunters while he stalks his prey. The idea is to use the standard Jet Trooper cards, and have them do even more work with Boba as an option for those cards. For example: play Urgency on a turn when Fuel Upgrade has been played and Boba suddenly has access to 16 movement points. This sounds really fun with Overrun! 

Opportunistic is a really great card with Boba Fett. He can spend movement points to perform a flamethrower, and use the damage to activate Opportunistic to gain movement points back. Use the flamethrower to spread more damage onto those figures that the Jet Troopers just threw a grenade at with Grenadier. Maybe have BT-1 finish them off by surging for blast 1.

General Weiss can move things for free now

General Weiss’s Orders are pretty effective at positioning his units around the board, and Imperial Retrofitting has made Massive units playable again in Imperial Assault. Get you Jets into position for a great Overrun or Grenadier. Or have the extra movement from Imperial Retrofitting and the Massive base of Weiss perform an Overrun over a clump of figures. 

Leaders have some cool cards too, that are worth taking when you have a bunch of them. Have Thrawn reroll those swingy dice or get rid of that pesky 1 damage on Weiss’s red dice with Officer’s Training. Have Thrawn or an Officer issue New Orders to General Weiss, so that he can perform an extra assault on the enemy!

Hope this was helpful, and you got some ideas of your own flowing. Apparently I’ve been enjoying the Imperial Vehicles, but there are some really cool new cards out there to bring different Imperial Troopers to the table as well. Hopefully our benevolent overlords will once again be victorious!

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