Now THIS Is Podracing: Announcing a new tier of IACP OP

Previously, we released an article explaining what the future of IACP Seasons will look like. If you haven’t already, you can catch it here.

With this new structured schedule in place, we felt like we really wanted to do something to celebrate each season as it comes and goes. With each Season now including it’s own 3 month Playtest period, and a 3 month Approved period after voting, we wanted to come up with a way to unite the community in trying out these tried and tested Approved cards, which is sure to tickle the fancy of Competitive and Casual players alike:

Introducing: Vassal Seasonal Tournaments

Vassal Seasonal Tournament (VST for short), is a new tier of competitive game play. No more or less than 2 such events will be run every single Approved Season, one right after voting, and one right before the next season’s launch. This is to run one Tournament when the Meta is fresh, and another when it has been settled more fully, to see whether the top lists, characters, and players has changed at all as the player base gets to fine-tune their listbuilding, and the Meta Staples will be identified. As the name suggests, these will be run on Vassal.

In addition, each of these Tournaments will contain prize support, and a small entry fee. With a ticket cost of $15, players will receive the following delivered to their door, at no extra cost:

  • Unique Participation Prize – Unique Alt Art card
  • Top 4 Prize – Anything from Dice Trays or Unit Trays to Tokens or Dice
  • Winner’s Prize – Medal or Trophy

The exact prizes will differ between Seasons. Each of the 2 Tournaments will include their own unique participation prize, so players can play in both events without feeling like they are only gaining the same prizes! The Top 4 and Winner’s prize however will be unique to the season rather than the individual Tournament, so the 2 Tournaments will include the same top prizes.

Expect to see prize articles alongside the VST announcements in the future to see exactly what it is you will be fighting for!

June 27th: Porg Cup 2020

July 25th: Beskar Cup 2020

Please note that we will still be running free Vassal events during the Playtest periods. These only replace any IACP Vassal events run by committee members in Approved months

Introducing: Competitive League Season Trials

This Competitive Tier tournament event will provide a friendly, competitive and fair environment where players can test themselves. Players of all experience levels are welcome to join. These 6 week long tournaments use the Approved Format: IACP cards that are legal for these events are those that are marked as “IACP Approved”. All games will be played online using either the Vassal Skirmish module or the Tabletop Simulator Skirmish module.

There will be 1-2 Competitive League Season Trials per Season during the 3-month Approved format period, as timing allows. These events are part of the 2020 Squad Commander Series. Players wishing to NOT take part in the SCS should notify the Event Organizer when signing up.

Competitive League Season Trials Structure

  • Entry is FREE. Because of this, physical prize support will not be available, but players will be able to earn Squad Commander Series points through Season Trial matches.
  • Players will play one game a week for a total of 6 weeks.
  • Swiss tournament pairings for all 6 weeks.
  • Standard 40 Deployment Point army, 15 Command cards, 15-point Command card deck.
  • You may change armies between games.
  • No requirement to use at least 1 IACP Approved cards.
  • If IACP has changed an existing FFG card, you must use the IACP version.
  • Players must submit their army list for each round (text or link is fine) to, along with their username, for improved data gathering.

You can sign up for the upcoming Season League Trial, the Dagobah Trials, here: Edit: The start date for the upcoming Dagobah Trials has been pushed back to June 15th.

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