Chopper Base, Atollon Errata

Due to internal discussions and discussions with the community, the Steering Committee is issuing an errata to the Krykna Infestation mission on Chopper Base, Atollon. The first paragraph now reads:

“Kryknas are neutral figures. A figure can attack a Krykna (Health: 8, Defense: 2[BLOCK]). Krykna can suffer [damage] and be targeted by attacks and by abilities that can target hostile figures. When a player defeats a Krykna, that player gains 2 VPs and claims that Krykna.”

Original Mission Card

The Steering Committee chose to issue this change to maintain consistency with FFG’s errata to the Triple Cross mission on Coruscant Back Alleys and to ensure that figures who can deal non-attack damage like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Sabine Wren can be as effective as possible against the Kryknas threatening to devour them. We hope this change creates a more consistent playing experience for the IACP map rotations.

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