Community Tier Rankings Revealed: Season 1

A few weeks ago, we asked our community to participate in ranking IACP Cards from Seasons 1 through 4 in a tiered list. Today we start revealing the community’s rankings with analysis from Steering Committee members Jesse Betz, Oliver Dewhurst, Christopher Emmick & Jake Peterson.

This video is nearly 2 hours long but packed full of interesting discussion about card power and future card changes. We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave your thoughts about the community’s rankings in the comments, or you can discuss at the Zion’s Finest Slack, IACP Discord or IACP Reddit.

Community tier rankings for Seasons 2, 3 and 4 will be revealed in videos that planning to be released in April 2021.

We defined the following tiers for our community to use when ranking cards:

  • S Tier – The “best of the best”: Expected to be in competitive lists that make top cuts and championship matches.
  • A Tier – Strong cards that make an impact in competitive lists
  • B Tier – Can be good in certain situations but is rarely seen in competitive lists
  • C Tier – Struggles against lists made of stronger cards, but can still be fun or interesting to play
  • D Tier – Either not powerful enough or not fun enough to play

To compute a composite or average tier ranking, we assigned a point value for each tier: S Tier = 4, A Tier = 3, B Tier =2, C Tier = 1, D Tier = 0. Then we found the average point value of a card and applied it to the following scale:

  • S Tier: 3.5 points or greater
  • A Tier: 2.5 points or greater and less than 3.5 points
  • B Tier: 1.5 points or greater and less than 2.5 points
  • C Tier: 0.5 points or greater and less than 1.5 points
  • D Tier: less than 0.5 points

If you can’t wait to find out where the average community rating was for each Season 1 card, you can find the cards in their appropriate tiers in the following image:

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