IACP 3/29 Map Rotation: Jabba’s Palace

It’s time again for another scheduled map rotation. This will be the 3rd map rotation under the new IACP schedule, the previous rotation having happened on November 30th, rotating Endor Defense Station for Chopper Base Atollon.

On March 29th, the ISB Headquarters map will rotate out, and Jabba’s Palace will be returning to tournament rotation to take its place, joining Coruscant Senate Office and Chopper Base Atollon in the map rotation. This map has a storied pedigree in competitive tournament play and is considered to be a community favorite, as well as a great casual map featuring a trap door to the famed Rancor pit (Rancor figure sold separately). It also has a neoprene skirmish mat available from FFG, which makes it a breeze to setup and play on when we finally return to in-store play.

The current rotation is Jabba’s Palace (Jabba the Hutt pack), Chopper Base Atollon (Hera/Chopper pack), and Coruscant Senate Office (Palpatine pack).

For those unfamiliar with this map, it features two missions involving objectives. Spoils of Crime rewards players with 2 VPs per turn for each of the 6 crates their figures retrieve, while New Ownership rewards players with 4 VPs per turn for each of the 3 stashes on the map they are able to control. Both maps feature a trap door between the deployment zones that figures can use to either instantly travel across the map, or use abilities to push other figures into to deal them strain and banish them to the Rancor pit, at least temporarily.

With the return of Jabba’s Palace, we once again bid farewell to ISB Headquarters, the first map to be rotated in to competitive play under the IACP with no input or suggestion from FFG. ISB Headquarters‘ relatively small size was a boon to melee and close quarters figures during its time in the IACP, and we hope that Jabba’s Palace will serve a similar role among the 2 other larger maps in rotation, while providing players with new strategic opportunities and experiences during its time in rotation.

So gather your map tiles, dig out your old neoprene skirmish mats, or head over to the IA Skirmish Map Project for a printable image of Jabba’s Realm, and get ready to fight for control of Jabba’s Palace as we head into the final weeks of the Season 5 Playtest period, starting March 29th.

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