KNOW EVERYTHING – Announcing IACP Season 5 VST Event Dates + Prize Support

My Goodness… What a Season. Through the implementation of Season 5, we’ve seen meatbags felled by relentless sniper rifles, a certain Doctor steal everyone’s discarded cards, cards putting players under even more Strain than usual, and much much more. This meta-defining Season has created an incredibly interesting set of Tournament and League results, with the first Season 5 VST resulting in a Han Solo list, kitted out with the recently-released Cassian Andor, with some Tournaments and Leagues still going.

But with all this being the case, we find ourselves asking; has the Prime Meta of IACP Season 5 truly been found? Have the Top-Tier players been able to sift through all of the new releases to find new, Meta-defining cards of this time, such as the Royal Guards for Season 3, or Jedi for Season 2? Well there is only one way to find out… the FINAL two VASSAL SEASONAL TOURNAMENTS of IACP Season 5; The ISB Cups

These Tournaments – to anyone who may be new – Are our way of providing the chance for YOU to show your competitive prowess at Imperial Assault through a series of Tournaments with the newly-adjusted Meta, featuring ALL Approved cards from IACP Season 5 – Of which there are many! These one-day Tournaments* offer barrels of fun, as players both veteran and new try their hand at winning some of the incredible prizes we have in store, and prove that they are the BEST Player in the era of Season 5 Approved play.

Dates and Times – The ISB Cups

As per usual, anyone can play at any event regardless of residence. The primary slot refers to which location the event will be run at the most appropriate time (Such as 9 am in the morning), and the secondary slot refers to which location the event would be accessible, but run a little later/earlier than optimal (Such as starting at 3 pm). The dates and times are as follows:

Prize Support

Ticket price: $10

Additionally, the way in which we are handling payments will differ this Season. If you are interested in playing in any of the Sniper Cups, send us an email at , or alternatively contact me (Isaac) on the IACP Discord Server or the Zion’s Finest Slack Channel, and we can discuss options, as we will not be using Stripe payments this Season. If you ordered tickets for the IACP VST Sniper Cup events, the process is the same as last time.

As per usual, all prizes earned by a player will be shipped directly to them at no extra cost. The Prizes for the ISB Cups are as follows:**

  • Participation – Agent Kallus Alt Art
  • Top 4: Imperial Special Forces Command Card Mat
  • Winner: IACP Season 5 VST Medal

– Image coming soon —

As the sun begins to set upon this monumental Season of IACP, we hope you’ll join us as we once and for all can determine which are the best cards to arise out of IACP Season 5. But believe me when I say, Season 6 is bound to have —-REDACTED SO THE STEERING COMMITTEE DOESN’T COME AFTER ME— of fun!

*Top Cut games played later at the players’ convenience
**Final prize may differ in detail as we iron out all of the angles and everything to ensure the prize looks as good as possible

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