IACP S5 May Tournament Army Lists and Results

May kicked off the Approved Play period for Season 5, meaning tournaments! We had 2 online tournaments happening in May, first on May 8th, and the 2nd on May 23rd. Each event played 4 swiss rounds to a top 4 cut, which then proceeded as single elimination matches in the days following the event.

You can check out video coverage of the May Tournament Swiss and Elimination rounds here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH32yuYY1BQ

Below we will include the deployment and command card lists for the top 4 players as well as the players with the same W/L record as the 4th ranked player in the Swiss rounds.

IACP Sniper Cup VST #1 5/8 Army Lists – 10 players

  1. Morgan Gee – 6-0 (Winner)
    • Rebel: Han Solo, Rogue Smuggler, Jyn Odan, Cassian Andor, Hera Syndulla, “Chopper”, Gideon Argus, MHD-19, C-3P0, Rebel High Command, Heroic Effort
      • Command Cards: On the Lam, Miracle Worker, Heart of Freedom, Run for Cover, Tools for the Job, Intelligence Leak, Marksman, Sniper Configuration, Negation, Celebration, Element of Surprise, Hour of Need, Planning, Take Initiative, Urgency
  2. Joey Galeziewski – 4-2
    • Empire: Iden Versio, Director Krennic, x2 elite E-Web Engineers, BT-1, x2 elite Death Troopers, Imperial Officer, Rule by Fear, Zillo Technique, Heavy Fire, Advanced Com Systems
      • Command Cards: Grenadier, Lock On, Call the Vanguard, Overwhelming Impact, Negation, Collateral Damage, Concentrated Fire, Deploy the Garrison!, Induce Rage, Strength in Numbers, Celebration, Planning, Rally, Targeting Network, Officers Training
  3. Kyle Bossom – 3-2
    • Empire: Captain Terro, Iden Versio, x2 elite Riot Trooper, Agent Kallus, x2 Imperial Officer, Rule by Fear, Zillo Technique, Advanced Com Systems
      • Command Cards: Call the Vanguard, Comm Disruption, Get Behind Me!, x2 Reinforcements, Cavalry Charge, Ferocity, Intelligence Leak, Negation, Strategic Shift, Looking for a Fight, Officers Training, Parry, Planning, Take Initiative
  4. Unrealsky (Joe) – 2-3
    • Mercenary: Bossk, Hk-47, Biv Bodhrik, Greedo, Gideon Argus, elite Jawa Scavenger, R2-D2, C-3P0, Temporary Alliance, Extra Armor, Under Duress
      • Command Cards: Assassinate, Heightened Reflexes, Tools for the Job, Hit and Run, x3 Escalating Hostility, Primary Target, Out of Time, Negation, Definition: “Love”, Element of Surprise, Opportunistic, Take Initiative, Urgency
  5. Blaide – 2-2
    • Rebel: Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Zeb Orrelios, Gaarkhan, Mara Jade, Gideon Argus, R2-D2, C-3P0, Balance of the Force, Heroic Effort
      • Command Cards: Son of Skywalker, Iron Will, Heart of Freedom, Furious Charge, Second Chance, Get Behind Me!, Pummel, Negation, Force Push, Deathblow, Celebration, Planning, Take Initiative, Urgency, Parry
  6. Jake Petersen – 2-2
    • Empire: Emperor Palpatine, Motivation, Maul, The Darksaber, Agent Kallus, Advanced Com Systems, Shyla Varad, Mara Jade, Imperial Officer, Temporary Alliance, Rule by Fear, Zillo Technique
      • Command Cards: Dying Lunge, Price of Glory, x2 Parting Blow, x2 Pummel, Intelligence Leak, Deathblow, Negation, Strength in Numbers, Dark Energy, Take Initiative, Looking for a Fight, Planning, Force Rush
  7. Josh Songer – 2-2
    • Mercenary: Jabba the Hutt, Bossk, Biv Bodhrik, Temporary Alliance, Onar Koma, Dengar, C-3P0, Extra Armor, regular Jawa Scavenger
      • Command Cards: Assassinate, Second Chance, Payback, Heightened Reflexes, Tools for the Job, Negation, Extra Protection, Primary Target, Brace for Impact, Urgency, Take Initiative, Opportunistic, Element of Surprise, Deadeye, Parry

IACP Sniper Cup VST #2 5/23 Army Lists – 11 players

  1. Kyle Bossom – 5-1 (Winner)
    • Empire: x2 elite Heavy Stormtrooper, Targeting Computer, The General’s Ranks, x2 elite ISB Infiltrator, BT-1, Imperial Officer, Advanced Com Systems, Heavy Fire, Rule by Fear, Zillo Technique
      • Command Cards: Call the Vanguard, Comm Disruption, Lock On, Overwhelming Impact, Squad Swarm, Collateral Damage, Concentrated Fire, Induce Rage, Intelligence Leak, Negation, Element of Surprise, Planning, Rally, Take Initiative, Targeting Network
  2. Ameithor – 4-2
    • Rebel: Han Solo, Rogue Smuggler, Lando Calrisian, Jyn Odan, Hera Syndulla, Murne Rin, R2-D2, Gideon Argus, C-3P0, Alliance Smuggler, Doubt
      • Command Cards: On the Lam, Tools for the Job, Run for Cover, Heart of Freedom, Battlefield Awareness, Intelligence Leak, Negation, Pickpocket, Smuggled Supplies, Tough Luck, Celebration, Planning, Set for Stun, Take Initiative, Urgency
  3. Blaide – 4-1
    • Empire: Darth Vader, Driven by Hatred, Captain Terro, Iden Versio, Agent Kallus, x2 Imperial Officer, Advanced Com Systems, Zillo Technique, Rule by Fear, Unshakable
      • Command Cards: x2 Parting Blow, Comm Disruption, Call the Vanguard, Second Chance, Intelligence Leak, Ferocity, Strategic Shift, Negation, Dark Energy, Celebration, Take Initiative, Looking for a Fight, Urgency, Officers Training
  4. Isaac Cajo – 3-2
    • Mercenary: Boba Fett, elite Trandoshan Hunter, Lie in Ambush, Jabba the Hutt, Doctor Aphra, Punishing Strike, Unshakable, Extra Armor, Black Market, Under Duress, Doubt, Devious Scheme
      • Command Cards: Assassinate, Mandalorian Tactics, Heightened Reflexes, Dirty Trick, Out of Time, x3 Escalating Hostility, Negation, Fuel Upgrade, Toxic Dart, Celebration, Take Initiative, Element of Surprise, Disorient
  5. Morgan Gee – 2-2
    • Empire: AT-ST, x2 elite Sentry Droids, Lie in Ambush, Agent Kallus, Advanced Comm Systems, Extra Armor, Imperial Retrofitting, Rule by Fear, Zillo Technique
      • Command Cards: Iron Will, Call the Vanguard, Lock On, Price of Glory, Concentrated Fire, Fuel Upgrade, Intelligence Leak, Negation, Shared Experience, Strategic Shift, Element of Surprise, Fleet Footed, Planning, Targeting Network, Urgency
  6. Christian Guibourt – 2-2
    • Mercenary: IG-88, Focused on the Kill, HK-47, BT-1, MHD-19, C1-10P, C-3P0, x2 elite Jawa Scavangers
      • Command Cards: Assassinate, Miracle Worker, Heightened Reflexes, Tools for the Job, Blaze of Glory, Hit and Run, Rapid Recalibration, Glory of the Kill, Negation, Devotion, Targeting Network, Element of Surprise, Take Initiative, Celebration, Planning
  7. Derek Martens – 2-2
    • Mercenary: The Mandalorian, Onar Koma, Hondo Ohnaka, Jabba the Hutt, Greedo, regular Clawdite Shapeshifter, elite Jawa Scavanger, C-3P0
      • Command Cards: Assassinate, On the Lam, Heightened Reflexes, Tools for the Job, Primary Target, Intelligence Leak, Strength in Numbers, Negation, Strategic Shift, Take Initiative, Opportunistic, To the Limit, Planning, Fleet Footed, Element of Surprise
  8. Tuukka Heinonen – 2-2
    • Rebel: Han Solo, Rogue Smuggler, Sabine Wren, Loku Kanoloa, Jyn Odan, Hera Syndulla, Gideon Argus, R2-D2, C-3P0, Heroic Effort, Balance of the Force
      • Command Cards: On the Lam, Tools for the Job, Run for Cover, Slippery Target, Second Chance, Heart of Freedom, Strategic Shift, Strength in Numbers, Negation, Primary Target, Tough Luck, Urgency, Take Initiative, Rebel Graffiti, Celebration

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