IACP at Adepticon 2023

We are proud to announce that IACP will holding another tournament at Adepticon in 2023. This tournament will be happening on Saturday, March 25th in Schaumburg Illinoi as part of the Adepticon convention. Players interested in playing should register for Adepticon sooner rather than later and include the Imperial Assault IACP Skirmish Community Championship event in their registration, the only event listed under the Category, Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Once you Register for Adepticon with the IACP Tournament in your cart, make sure to head over to https://challonge.com/IACP_Adepticon_2023 to get signed up so we know that you’re playing and so you can get quickly paired up and registered on the day of the event.

Last year we had a great gathering of players come out and be able to enjoy playing Imperial Assault in person once again, and we saw a wide variety of different lists and cards being played. This year, IACP Season 7 has joined the fray with improved figures like Leia Organa, The Grand Inquisitor, HK Assassin Droids, Hired Guns and the Rancor, along with new figures like Saw Gerrera, Cad Bane, and Purge Troopers.

For this event, players will be battling on the skirmish maps called Uscru Entertainment District, Bespin Tibanna Facility, and a new skirmish map that will be announced at the beginning of March and go into effect just in time for this tournament!

In addition to the giant customized medal given out to tournament winners at Adepticon, this event will use the prizes included in the newly announced Community Championship 2023 event kit, which you can read all about here. This will include alternative art cards for Maul, The Darskaber, Imperial Retrofitting, and Heir to the Jedi, along with a plastic organizer box for the winner and plastic standees and stickers of the most popular figures in IACP for all players.

That’s not all though, there will also be lots of additional prizes for the tournament finalists and to be raffled off to all players involved, thanks to donations from our generous community.

The two tournament finalists will win a vintage Imperial Assault promotional VP score dial. The Top 8 players will receive an official damager counter score sheet themed after the Galactic Empire to help with tracking damage and counters on their multi-figure groups.

Additionally 2 sets of Imperial Assault dice will be raffled off to players playing in the event, along with a variety of refurbished figure packs that have been donated by member of the community, which include the figure packs shown below (all original pack contents included except for original packaging, figures are all unpainted).

Players will battle through four 75 minute rounds of Swiss format before cutting to the final Top 4 players who will play an additional two rounds of single elimination to determine the final winner.

Players are expected to use official FFG product for all non-IACP components, except for TO approved proxies or substitutions. Players can print all IACP generated cards from this document, including tokens which can be used in the place of 3D figures, though players are welcome to use appropriate miniatures to represent their IACP deployments so long as there it is clear which miniatures are representing which deployments.

For IACP command cards, players are encouraged to purchase sleeves for their command decks and slide printed IACP command cards into the sleeve in front of a normal FFG command card that is not being used in the army list. The compress the sleeved card to expel all air and make sure there is sufficient space between the edge of the printed card and the edge of the actual card so the printed card’s edge is not peeking out from under the edge of the face down command card while it is stacked face down in the deck.

Adepticon 2022 IACP Tournament – Courtesy of Brendan

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Illinois this March to play Imperial Assault in person once again, and of course make sure to send us your amazing pictures of players enjoying themselves and Imperial Assault miniatures battling it out on the tabletop.

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