Map Rotation: Experimental Research

Your mission is to infiltrate Grand Moff Tarkin’s secret research facility. This will be a highly dangerous combat mission, made more complicated by rogue droid intelligence and experimental weapons providing resources for the defenders and the attackers. Your objectives are highly strategic and of great importance to the Rebellion. May the Force be with you!

It’s time for the next IACP skirmish map rotation! Out with the old and in with … something else that is old? Let’s welcome back an oldie but a goodie: Tarking Initiative Labs. This map has been a beloved skirmish map during the FFG organized play days and we think it’s time to dust it back off. Tarkin Initiative Labs will be replacing Devaron Garrison.

This map rotation is official as of March 14, 2023. This means it will be live for Adepticon (Mar. 22-26). The official maps in rotation will be:

1) Uscru Entertainment District

2) Bespin Tibanna Facility

3) Tarkin Initiative Labs

As with all skirmish maps there are two missions. Mission A: Rogue AI has the potential to gain a lot of Victory Points for both teams. There are 4 locations where the Rogue AI (represented by a strain token) can pop up. If you move a figure into the space with the strain token you gain 2 VP. The strain token then moves randomly, causing every game to play differently than the previous one.

Mission B: Abandoned Research allows you to place weapons on the map. You can interact with these tokens to pick them up. The token allows you to add an extra dice to your attack. This means big damage coming from even the weakest attackers. Are we going to see R2D2 rolling focused attacks with an extra blue die for range and damage? Maybe an Imperial Officer will be adding a red dice to their attack pool. Since the players get to pick the locations of the various colour weapons there are significant strategic decisions to make before you even deploy your figures.

I hope everyone enjoys this rotation of maps and we have a great end of the season 7 competitive season. Looking forward to facing off against many of you reading this on Tarkin Initiative Labs.

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