IACP Printable Card Sheets Fully Updated for 2023

The printable card sheet pdfs for IACP have been in a bit of a rough shape the last few months. Card edges were not flush for easy cutting, cards were randomly distributed on the pages without being organized by faction. A lot of cards had erroneous text or points costs that hadn’t been updated with recent erratas and corrections. It’s been long overdue, but I’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks to get these sheets back into shape for the upcoming Adepticon event, as well as for folks that want to play more IACP in person.

There is also an update to the Official Changes document to 7.3.4 that adds the newest map rotation to Tarkin Initiative Labs, as well as re-adding the player aid chart for which cards can and can’t be played with Assassinate in IACP.


The printable card sheet pdfs for Seasons 1-6 have now been updated. Card edges are now flush with each other for an easier cutting experience. Cards are now organized by faction on each page, with command cards and figure tokens being laid out a lot more logically adjacent to their corresponding card as much as possible to make cutting out the cards and tokens you need for one specific character a lot easier. Also deployment cards that have an attachment associated with their card, such Heir to the Jedi for Luke Skywalker or The Darksaber for Maul, will now have that attachment next to their deployment card, even if the attachment wasn’t in that deployment card’s season.

I’ve also removed all of the figure tokens that corresponded to figures that have already been released for Imperial Assault by FFG. I understand the rationale for including these in the past was so that players could try out remastered deployment cards without first owning the official figures for them, but we are not interested in people using IACP to bypass official Imperial Assault product, and we encourage you to go out and purchase the official Imperial Assault figures to be used with their remastered IACP deployment cards. This has also helped to clear a lot of space on the sheets to reduce the number of total pages needed to print out.

I have left the errata/rebalance printable sheet as is to serve as a reference, but all of the card images in that pdf have been added to the other season’s card sheets. Everything should be fully up to date now on all the printable sheets for Seasons 1-7. However it is a lot of cards to keep track of for a very small team of people, so if you notice a typo or outdated version of a card in any of the printable sheets, please let us know in the comments here or by sending an email to iacontinuityproject@gmail.com or sending us a message on the IACP Discord or Zions Finest Slack channel.

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